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SOTUS: The Series (Tagalog Dubbed) (Ongoing): 1x1

Episode 1

The happy atmosphere of the freshmen orientation was quickly cut short after a group of 3rd year seniors led by Arthit barge in to explain its faculty rule and the SOTUS system. terrified the freshmen on their very first day, after Arthit and his gang spoke rudely. Kongpob who is the first to stand out amongst his peers was quickly targeted to several punishments hauled by Arthit for requesting to extend a task involving the freshmen in collecting 1,000 signatures within a week, including one involving him standing on top of a table and shout “I Like Men” and finding 10 guys to be his boyfriend. During the first meeting with the 3rd year seniors, Kongpob was once again the target victim after the latter failed to answer how many students were there in their cohort and were further quizzed on how is he able to do get hold of the gear badge. but Kongpob answered that he would make Arthit his lover, then he would be able to get hold of the badge. During the next meeting, Kongpob was once again a victim, and to everyone’s surprise Kongpob agrees to a 54 lap run, after 54 of their peers failed to show up at the meeting, since he gave his to Arthit, and required some to be replace, the 54 hearts was replaced just in time. But Kongpob was stopped by one of the sophomore during his 7th lap, and Arthit belittle Kongpob by saying he does not practice what he preach.

SOTUS The Series: 1×1
SOTUS The Series: 1×1
Aug. 20, 2016

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  • leovirgilc26April 1, 2021

    Nako may tagalog dub na rin pala to, thank you po 🥰

    • benjieApril 1, 2021

      even my bromance has tagalog dubbed posted.

  • luiskiMarch 6, 2021

    hi benjie! i’m a huge fan of your website. however, since december i have an issue about videos not loading, not even showing the frame of the movie or series at all. it shows the episodes but not the entirety of the video uploaded. until today, i decided to try making an account. now it worked! i can play videos now. i was just saying that maybe there are other people who experienced the same and is still unable to play videos at the until now. hope this helps! more power and thank you 🙂

    • luiskiMarch 6, 2021

      *** at the moment until now 🙂

      • benjieMarch 6, 2021

        you know what, if you encounter such problem again, try to clear your cache, cookies and browser history.
        check as well your internet speed, then try streaming again.
        that is the usual solution whenever you have problem playing videos.

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