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DaangDokyu 2020: Alunsina (2020)

DaangDokyu 2020: Alunsina (2020)

Sep. 19, 2020
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Martial Law, Never Again
September 19-21, 2020

At first glance, this lineup of films is about Martial Law, its continuing legacy of violence, plunder, and divisiveness. Looking further, it is also about the schemes of those in power whose victim, ultimately, is the ordinary Filipino. A much closer inspection reveals that this program is about the Filipino’s elusive freedom — our unfinished struggles to break free from our oppressors and be treated with dignity — rooted in our colonial past and continuing through our attempts at nationhood.

There is no moving on because we are still in the thick of it. We are not simply dealing with memory but with a rolling and raging history. That is why through decades of restlessness, we are constantly being asked to rise and take a side.

Alunsina (2020)
Kiri Dalena

In Alunsina, Dalena explores the potentials and limits of engagement within a community facing trauma. Working closely with human rights organizations, she finds herself documenting the struggles of children and families in an urban settlement severely affected by the government’s war on drugs. She engages with another family whose child has resorted to drawing pictures to cope with such tragedy and again confront the complexities in communicating the violence they have witnessed.

Thanks to user “tecchanhouse” for sharing this dokyu.
Thanks to user “tecchanhouse” for sharing this dokyu.
Thanks to user “tecchanhouse” for sharing this dokyu.




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